Grouper Documentation
Grouper Documentation
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Grouper: RSS manager, XML converter, website scraper
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Important Notice:
• The sites that Grouper fetches content from may place requirements for or restrictions on the use of their content. You are responsible to ensure that your use of that content does not violate their terms of service.

• If you are uncertain whether you are authorized to republish information from a particular site, you may wish to limit your use of Grouper to strictly personal use.

• I am not a lawyer, and this statement should not be considered legal advice.
Grouper is a web-based tool for working with RSS feeds.

RSS Manager

Grouper helps you to manage RSS feeds in the following ways: These features are available in both the free and commercial versions of Grouper. To learn about some of the advantages of the commercial version (Grouper Evolution), please continue reading.

XML Converter

Grouper Evolution comes pre-configured to convert various XML formats to RSS, and can be configured to handle many more. Here's a list of the formats supported by plugins bundled with Grouper Evolution:

Website Scraper

Grouper Evolution comes with a plugin that can be configured to "scrape" websites with a regularly repeating structure, like weblogs, and convert them to RSS feeds.

"Google", "Yahoo!", "Amazon", "All Posters" and "Feedster" are trademarks of their respective owners. Grouper is not endorsed by these companies, and Gecko Tribe, LLC is not affiliated with them in any way unless as a participant in their affiliate marketing programs.