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Grouper Documentation
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Grouper: RSS manager, XML converter, website scraper
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Function Reference

GrouperConvert(URL [, cachefile [, showit]]);
Grouper >= 1.6

Fetches an data from the internet or a local cache file and processes and outputs it according to any settings you may have specified. If a cache file was specified, the PHP variable $grouperconf['mtime'] will contain the UNIX timestamp for the last time the cache was updated after this function is called. This function is for use with non-search sources (XML plugins, scraper plugins, etc.) For search sources, use GrouperSearch instead.

URL: The address of the document to be processed by Grouper. Beginning with Grouper 1.6, the name of a cache file may be specified by entering "grouper:cache-name".
cachefile: The filename of the cache file in which to store a copy of Grouper's output. If this argument is omitted, no cache file is used, and the data is re-retrieved every time. We recommend only doing this while working on the configuration (unless using GrouperCache to maintain a local copy of the data or using a local file as the data source). Once you have finalized your settings, you will see significantly faster performance by specifying a cache file.
showit: If you set this argument to 0, GrouperConvert will generate or update the specified cache file, but will not display any data.

Example: (convert an Atom 1.0 feed to RSS, cache the RSS data in a file named "cache.rss", and output the RSS data)

require_once '/YOUR/PATH/TO/grouper/grouper.php';

Example: (convert an Atom 1.0 feed to RSS, cache the RSS data in a file named "cache.rss" -- then use CaRP to display it as HTML)

<title>This is the page title</title>
require_once '/YOUR/PATH/TO/grouper/grouper.php';
require_once '/YOUR/PATH/TO/carp/carp.php';

NOTE: For CaRP versions before 3.5.10, the CarpShow line must be as follows: