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Grouper Documentation
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Atom 1.0 plugin

The Atom 1.0 plugin works with the XML plugin to convert Atom 1.0 feeds to RSS.

To use the Atom 1.0 plugin, xml.php and atom-1.0.php must be located in the "plugins" folder inside the folder containing grouper.php. This is their default location when Grouper Evolution is installed.

The following code will read an Atom 1.0 feed and output it as RSS:

require_once '/YOUR/PATH/TO/grouper/grouper.php';

Note: if you are using Grouper version 1.4.2 or earlier, you must replace the call to GrouperSourceURL with something like the following:


This plugin has two configuration options which control whether certain data formats will be accepted from Atom Text Constructs. According to the specification, both of the data types in question indicate that the element should contain a complete document. However, some Atom generators erroneously publish document fragments with these types. If a complete document is found in these types of Text Constructs, accepting them is not recommended, because they are unlikely to be processed correctly in an RSS formatted feed. However, if in a particular case, you know that the Text Constructs specified with these types contain only fragments, you may wish to override these options in order to have Grouper use the data. The options are: The options are members of the $xmlgrouperatom10conf array. You can set them using the following PHP code: